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DNA editing : Science and fiction

Évènement passé - 2023
22 mai Ouverture des portes : 19h00 - Début : 19h30 - Fin : 21h30
Les Marquises - Events in English, 145 rue d'Oberkampf
75011, Paris
When fiction portrays science and science looks like fiction: genetic modification has been explored in multiple movies and on TV, such as the sci-fi series The Expanse. In parallel, experimental work has progressed tremendously, most recently with CRISPR/9 technology. How does the DNA engineering portrayed in sci-fi compare to biology reality? What other cultural aspects influence sci-fi ?

Genre-blending and bioengineering in The Expanse

Eve Bennett (Professor - American University of Paris)
The disappearance of a wealthy young woman and a troubled older male detective’s obsessive quest to find her are common tropes in the TV crime drama. However, they also appear in the science fiction series The Expanse.
[spoiler alert] In this show, the young girl becomes the victim of a sinister corporation, headed by her own father, which seeks to use alien technology to create a bioweapon [end spoilers].
Does The Expanse succeed in subverting the typically misogynistic tendencies of the missing girl narrative? Does it manage to subvert common tropes or does it just blend generic conventions?

Impossible isn't French: a gene therapy revolution

Fanny Collaud (Researcher - UMR-S951 INTEGRARE - Génethon)
Because diseases were destroying the lives of their children or loved ones, French families decided to fight, with one goal: to change the future that was promised to them without hope. Their rebellion and determination gave them strength and audacity. The impossible has become possible! Thanks to the popular drive, thanks to the work of researchers, a real scientific and medical revolution has been launched and the first victories against rare diseases, once incurable, have been won. During this evening, you will discover gene therapy basics and how it is used to change lives.
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