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Mission: Impossible (or is it?)

Évènement passé - 2023
23 mai Ouverture des portes : 19h00 - Début : 19h30 - Fin : 21h30
Les Marquises - Events in English, 145 rue d'Oberkampf
75011, Paris
Some scientific discoveries shake the state of knowledge so radically, they are initially questioned or rejected. These major findings become defining moments which change their fields forever. Come explore how a picture of a few spots proved the existence of an “impossible” material, and how stem cells can be created to help us make bone marrow transplants possible regardless of donor compatibility.

The picture that changed the world of crystals

Miran Baricic (PhD student - Laboratoire ITODYS - Université Paris Cité )
One picture – in 1984 – completely changed the world of crystals, introducing a new classof materials: quasicrystals. Once believed to be mathematically, physically, and chemically impossible, the first picture proving their existence puzzled scientists to a point that a Nobel laureate and many others, did not believe in their existence. After thirty years, a mysterious mineral labelled “khatyrkite” in an archive in Florence, is proven to be a quasicrystal, and a group of scientists is sent on an incredible voyage to the remote Russian tundra to search for the first natural quasicrystal.

Making pigs fly: Unlimited bone marrow grafts

Mathias Brunet-Manquat (PhD student / design engineer - Centre de recherche de Saint Antoine - UPMC/Etablissement Français du Sang)
Imagine if you could treat every patient in need of a bone marrow transplantation, without depending on constraining donor availability. That’s the starting point of the idea to generate hematopoietic stem cells, the key element for transplantation, from stem cells created in laboratories (iPSC). Through multiple graft assay, we successfully managed to recapitulate the hematopoiesis in mice and are now looking toward engraftment in a new animal model, the minipig Aachen.
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